Sight Automation

Sight Automation is a Comprehensive Instrumentation and Monitoring Solution for Geotechnical and Environmental Projects

Experience the Power of Real Time Data-Driven Monitoring and Visualisation with Sight Automation

A paradigm shift in automated monitoring of geotechnical assets...

The paradigm shift towards cost-accessible remote monitoring of geotechnical assets with sustainability in mind represents a significant advancement in the field of geotechnical engineering. This shift is driven by the convergence of various technological, environmental, and economic factors, ultimately revolutionising how geotechnical assets are monitored and maintained.

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Internet of Things Telemetry

These cutting-edge technologies offer unparalleled advantages in terms of data collection, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. By leveraging Sigfox's low-power, wide-area network, we can seamlessly connect geotechnical sensors in remote and challenging terrains, enabling real-time data transmission with minimal energy consumption. NBIoT's robust connectivity allows for deeper penetration into underground structures, ensuring continuous monitoring of critical parameters. Additionally, LoRaWAN's long-range capabilities enable us to deploy a large-scale geotechnical monitoring network cost-effectively. As a result, Sight Automation can offer comprehensive and accurate geotechnical insights, leading to improved safety, enhanced decision-making, and optimised infrastructure management for our clients.

Technology Improves Efficiency with Sight Automation

Join us on the journey to safer, greener, and more efficient projects. Discover the potential of geotechnical and environmental monitoring through our cutting-edge solutions and online monitoring portals. Together, let’s build a sustainable future.

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