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Water Flow Sensors Provided by Sight Automation

Sight Automation uses expertise in instrumentation to design a suitable method of installing water flow sensors and install instrumentation to monitor flow of water. Our Sight Automation team has designed a diverse array of instrumentation systems for flow within catch pits and in rivers to ensure accurate flow monitoring.

Image of the flow monitoring site showing Lustrum Beck passing underneath a road bridge

Image of a river in Teesside where Sight Automation and Central Alliance completed an installation of water level and flow sensors to measure water flow and level in the river channel.

Plot showing flow velocity within a channel.
Plot showing volumetric flow within a channel.

Sight Automation Portal of time plots showing water flow and level changes in a slow flowing river channel

Sight Automation Solution

Sight Automation, the monitoring brand of ground investigation company Central Alliance, provide a complete in house instrumentation and data hosting service for ground water level sensors. We also have extensive experience instrumenting within river systems, catch pits and other water bodies.

For Water Flow Sensors, Sight Automation can create alerts for changes in levels at certain defined thresholds or when changes occur within short time period. This provides security for clients giving them confidence with data to make decisions. Utilising the flexibility of our flagship Sight Automation portal, we can design and create a personalised online data environment to to suit the specific requirements of your site. 

Contact us to discuss how our instrumentation and hosting can revolutionise your data collection.

Image of WorldSensing 4G telemetry and LoRaWAN radio installed by Sight Automation on a complex ground investigation in Lincolnshire.

Monitoring of water by a river.

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