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Manual Geotechnical Monitoring with Sight Automation and Central Alliance.

Sight Automation also offers a manual monitoring service. As a monitoring brand of Central Alliance, we can offer drilling, installation and manual monitoring of boreholes as an alternative to our remote instrumentation monitoring. This style of monitoring often suits short term monitoring sites with safe access for engineers, where a longer term remote monitoring option may not be suitable.

  • Inclinometer Monitoring: Inclinometer monitoring involves an engineer manually inserting a probe and getting readings at a point in time to compare movement between visits.
  • Water Level and Sampling: We offer a water level monitoring and sampling service to monitor water in the ground.
  • Gas Monitoring: Gives an insight into ground gasses using a pipe and bung to trap gasses which can be monitored by an engineer on site.
  • Magnetic Extensometer: Used to measure settlement of the ground by comparing movement of magnets in a borehole to the previous visits.
  • Vibrating Wire Piezometer Readout: A manual readout unit to take a reading of a vibrating wire piezometer at a point in time. Alternatively, manual monitoring of VWPs can be a visit to download a series of readings from a logger.
Manual monitoring using an inclinometer on Snake Pass in the Peak District to measure ground movement on a hillside.

Manual Geotechnical monitoring using an inclinometer on Snake Pass in the Peak District to measure ground movement on a hillside.

Manual Inclinometer monitoring in Derbyshire. Measuring ground movement of a road.

Sight Automation Solution

Sight Automation, the monitoring brand of ground investigation company Central Alliance, provide a complete in house drilling, instrumentation and geotechnical manual monitoring service. We also have extensive experience working for rail, highways, construction and service industries.

For most manual monitoring, Sight Automation can provide a remote alternative to reduce site based risks to engineers completing manual monitoring if it is suitable for the site.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist using our manual monitoring experience, or to find out how remote monitoring with Sight Automation can compare to traditional monitoring.

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Manual geotechnical monitoring of groundwater in Lincolnshire.

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