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In-Place Inclinometers and Vibrating Wire Piezometers

When monitoring is required in a dangerous location such as a live carriageway, ensuring safety is paramount. Holme Moss, a remote hillside site, benefited from Sight Automation’s remote monitoring solution, enhancing data frequency for the client and boosting staff safety.

Image taken from the top of the cliff, showing the hole left by the slip and a series of tilt meters, which are enclosed by fencing, to monitor for further slips.

Catch Fence Sensors

Sight Automation has successfully implemented a catch fence monitoring solution, and ground movement sensors for the sea cliffs in Teignmouth, ensuring safe passage for trains below by immediately informing of any further movement at the catch fence and at the clifftop.

Teignmouth, Devon

Pore Pressure Monitoring

For large-scale projects spanning extensive areas, a remote monitoring solution proves invaluable in reducing carbon emissions linked to heightened on-site travel. At Sight Automation, we are committed to a more sustainable future and actively contribute by diminishing vehicle movement to the site, during monitoring, and returning from the site. We achieve this by seamlessly funneling data into our online portal, obviating the necessity for multiple site monitoring visits.


Earthworks Failure Detection

As part of RSK company Central Alliance, we are a Principal Contractor for Network Rail allowing Sight Automation to install instrumentation to monitor the railway network. We are proud to be the chosen monitoring supplier holding monitoring contracts in CP6 and CP7 in Network Rail regions.

Western Rail Region
Image of the flow monitoring site showing Lustrum Beck passing underneath a road bridge

Water Flow and Level Monitoring

Flow monitoring installation at Lustrum Beck in a tidally influenced stream in North East England, in a bid to improve flood predictions and controls in the area.


Water Level Monitoring

Due to its multiple rivers, York experiences a flood risk in times of increased rainfall. The installation of Water Level Meters in the Foss Barrier has allowed the environment agency to make informed decisions using data provided by our service.


Twist and Cant Rail Sensors

When landslips occur near a railway, it’s crucial to respond swiftly with reliable measures to minimise lengthy delays for rail passengers. Sight Automation has successfully implemented track monitoring solutions at short notice along a railway stretch in Evesham, ensuring safe passage for trains by immediately informing of any track movement.

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