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Sight Automation Announces Community initiative on world bee day 2024

The team at Sight Automation are please to announce our support to a community initiative to support World Bee Day 2024. World Bee Day was set up in order to strengthen measures aimed at protecting bees and other pollinators, which significantly contribute to solving the problems related to the global food supply.

On this World Bee Day, Sight Automation are happy to announce a new community initiative aimed at helping bee keepers in Denbighshire – the installation of a remote weather station – that will help the bee keepers plan their hive inspections around the weather conditions. 

As anyone who has ever come across an angry or unhappy bee will know – getting stung is rather painful to us, and very bad for the bee, resulting in their death. So when beekeepers need to inspect their hives, they need the right weather conditions. It cannot be too cold, too windy and it cant be raining. The colony will get annoyed and angry if you open a hive and they get cold or wet (imagine you are sitting on the sofa, watching you’re favourite tv program and someone comes along and pulls the roof of your house, you would not be happy) – so as a beekeeper you want to keep them as happy as possible during an inspection – preventing them stinging you.  Therefore it is very important to chose the right time to go for an inspection.

Keeping the Bees Happy

If the bees get too unhappy they may swarm – which results in the loss of most of the bees, including the queen. Swarming is one of the natural ways of a colony reproducing, but is often down to poor beekeeping. If swarms are managed correctly there are very few problems, but if badly managed, the beekeeper will lose the colony and may struggle to keep the remaining bees alive without a queen. 

With this community initiative it will allow local beekeepers to have an accurate account of the weather, as weather apps cannot be relied upon as conditions can change very quickly, or not match what the app states. This will help the beekeepers pick the right times to inspect and it also has the added bonus of reducing unnecessary trips and therefore reducing CO2 emissions in the local area.

To find out more about World Bee Day, head on over to the United Nations webpage on the importance of World Bee Day and how you can get involved.

Image of a beehive that is part of our community initiative.


Project Name – Project Honeycomb

Location – Denbighshire, North Wales

Sector – Community Initiative

Services – Remote Monitoring, Sustainability, Ecology, Environmental, Community Engagement

Image of a beekeeper tending to a beehive.
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